Company Logo

Swift Energy Company's logo was introduced in its 1982 Annual Report with the following explanation:

"As an effort to create a unified corporate identity generic of Swift Energy Company, we have adopted a new logo to begin in 1983. The semblance of forward motion is symbolic of the momentum the Company has built during the past three years. Guided by our experienced management team, our momentum will propel the organization into the future on a consistent and controlled path.

"Beyond the imagery of progress, our new logo also reflects the American Indian heritage of the [founder]. The seven pointed star, a symbol that emits light and energy, is also symbolic of the seven [clans] that comprise the Cherokee Indian Nation."

In 2008, Swift adopted an additional interpretation of the logo's seven stripes and seven-pointed star. The stripes and star now also symbolize the seven core values that define the company's culture: stewardship, improvement, performance, passion, integrity, trust, and teamwork (see Values & Culture).

Swift Energy ® and ® are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Swift Energy Company.

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