The dictionary defines a "steward" as someone who manages the property or financial affairs of another person. At Swift Energy, we are keenly aware that we are responsible for the resources that have been entrusted to us.

In 2008, we enshrined stewardship into our mission statement, where it is now defined as follows:

Protecting health and safety and preserving environmental quality
Maintaining high standards for ethical conduct
Enhancing economic vitality of the communities where we operate
Respecting and trusting one another as we carry out our roles and responsibilities

As stewards, we want to utilize and develop the resources entrusted to us to their fullest potential, and as our mission statement suggests, that means fulfilling responsibilities in four major areas: 1) as environmental stewards, 2) as role models of ethical behavior, 3) as community leaders, and 4) as team players who work together for the common good.

In the paragraphs below, we describe how we are meeting our obligations in these four areas.

As an independent oil and gas company, we recognize that we have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders to integrate health, safety, and environmental management processes into all our work activities. We continually emphasize to all of our employees, as well as all our contractors, that we must meet our operational and financial objectives without endangering the environment or the health and safety of those around us. In order to meet this goal effectively, we emphasize prevention rather than merely responding to problems after they occur, and we seek to continuously improve our processes so that health, safety, and the environment remain among our highest priorities.

As stewards, we are also responsible for the cultural values handed down to us from others. Our company's culture is built around seven core values of stewardship, improvement, performance, passion, integrity, trust, and teamwork. We actively seek to live out those seven values in our day-to-day relationships with one another, and we try to serve as role models for those values in our relationships with our vendors, contractors, and the broader community.

As good stewards, we also realize that we have a responsibility to the communities where we operate. Part of that responsibility is to provide good jobs for people living in those areas, but we have to give back to those communities in other ways as well.

We were recognized by the March of Dimes as one of their top fundraisers in the Houston area, and we contribute annually to many other charities such as The Houston Food Bank, Big Brothers & Sisters, Interfaith Care Partners, Covenant House, Boy Scouts, and The Palmer Drug Abuse Center.

We also support the arts with recent contributions to Houston's Theatre Under the Stars, the Houston Symphony, the Alley Theater, and the Houston Ballet. As individuals, many Swift employees have participated in charitable endeavors such as: the Komen Walk for the Cure, the MS 150 Houston to Austin Bike Race that raises funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Finally, in our role as good stewards, we believe we have a responsibility to team with our employees to help them realize their individual goals just as they help us to achieve our corporate objectives.

We try to provide challenging and rewarding opportunities for our employees, and we want to support them in lifelong learning. As a result, we continue to invest in employee education and training. Each year we align our training programs with the technical and business skills that enable our employees to become more productive and competitive within the ever-changing oil and gas industry. Through the years, we have supported our employees in obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees, including certifications in technical, administrative, business and financial disciplines. We also invest in the future of our industry by promoting education of children within the community with scholarships and contributions to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

We know that good stewardship and good business go hand in hand. Only when we protect the environment, behave ethically, give back to the community, and invest in our people can we hope to achieve sustained economic success. Our emphasis on stewardship has served us well in the past, and we intend to emphasize good stewardship as long as our doors remain open for business.