Swift Energy Company 1996 Annual Report: Growth Through Technology and Teamwork

Company Officers

A. Earl Swift
Chief Executive Officer

Terry E. Swift
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Virgil N. Swift
Executive Vice President–Business Development

John R. Alden
Senior Vice President–Finance
Chief Financial Officer, Secretary

James M. Kitterman
Senior Vice President–Operations

Bruce H. Vincent
Senior Vice President–Funds Management

Joseph A. D'Amico
Vice President–Exploration & Development

Alton D. Heckaman, Jr.
Vice President

James P. Mitchell
Vice President–Land

Victor R. Moran
Vice President–Natural Gas Marketing/Business Development

Khushroo N. J. Patel
Vice President–Geophysics

Tara L. Seaman
Vice President–Acquisitions, Dispositions & Reserves

James R. Stewart, Jr.
Vice President–Drilling & Production

Adrian D. Shelley

D. Wynn Ibach
General Counsel

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