Headquartered in Houston, Swift Energy Company is a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company.

Swift Energy Company is committed to being a premier oil and gas company and top-tier performer by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth in reserves and production, and by contributing to the country's energy security. We provide challenging and rewarding opportunities, we respect and trust each other, and we behave as ethical and responsible stewards wherever we operate. Swift's primary business strategy is to build value per share by:

Prudently developing our Eagle Ford shale properties;
Differentiating our operations as the low-cost producer;
Acquiring strategic and complementary assets while divesting non-core properties;
Efficiently financing growth.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver outstanding operating and financial results by aggressively building and managing a balanced portfolio of oil and gas properties with an assortment of growth opportunities covering a range of risks and rewards. We accomplish this by building a culture committed to effective stewardship, continuous improvement, and pure performance.

Values & Culture

Stewardship is leadership with all employees as owners of our Vision, Mission, Values and Behaviors.

Improvement is the unrelenting pursuit of excellence and is a necessity in sustaining our vision of being a top-tier performing company. We are a learning and teaching organization that embraces continuous improvement and change. Every day is a new opportunity to do things better than the day before.

Performance is a commitment to participating only in activities that are results-oriented and create value. Performance is using knowledge rather than merely possessing it. Pure-performance occurs when value-focused people, with a competitive spirit, work together and successfully reach for excellence.

Passion is the energy, commitment and enthusiasm that inspire us to achieve the never-ending pursuit of excellence. We value the creativity, imagination, dedication, courage, and spirit that drive us beyond the ordinary.

Integrity is the foundation of our culture and our people. Integrity is responsibly standing up for our values and being true to our Vision, Mission, Values and Behaviors. Integrity embodies honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, impartiality, dependability, sincerity and consistency in both words and actions.

Trust is unyielding confidence in our character and competence. It is the foundation of our relationships and our performance. Trust entails respect and having faith in each other. We expect each other to seek, discover, and speak the truth at all times.

Teamwork is people collaborating to develop innovative ideas and optimal solutions, with a focus on cooperatively achieving common goals. Teamwork respects diversity and values the power of team interaction, recommendations and decisions.